Skills: Design, Illustration
Client: Warner Bros Records, RKCB, Proper Vibes

Vinyl Record PSD MockUpRKCBgif

jenny lewis designTELL ME

Album artwork for:
Elevated – RKCB
Artwork created for the single, ‘Elevated’. Playing with juxtaposition and ‘the space in-between’.
Just One of the Guys- Jenny Lewis
Jacket record design for Jenny Lewis’s Single ‘Just One of the Guys’ made during my internship at Warner Bros Records.
Art Director – Stephen Walker | Designer – Kelly Malka
Tigers Are Bad for Horses Proper Vibes
Single art for electro-pop duo, Tigers Are Bad for Horses.
Cautious Clay Proper Vibes
Art for Cautious Clay’s single, ‘TELL ME’
In Contrast – RKCB